wordAi review

WordAi Review – the brutal truth!

Spinners deliver abysmal value

Spinners sound awesome, deliver minimal value and cause endless frustration. WordAi actually delivers value. But before we get into WordAi, let me tell you that there are no shortcuts to success, if you plan to spin content into human readable form, then you will basically get human acceptable content, not content that will be human preferred or Google loved. Having said that, the best option is WordAi.

WordAi is the only one that delivers genuine value

WordAi is a great content rewriting tool that clearly delivers the best result among all the better known spinners. Best of all it shows you how to create worthwhile content not by spinning it end to end, but by spinning it to a very high degree and giving you an easy option to do the final bit yourself.

Google Fred makes great content a necessity

With Google going nuts with the quality of your content, it is always a good idea to put in a bit of work into every spun article. The other spinners, cannot produce worthwhile content that will read well. WordAi will.

Twenty thousand features of WordAi

I am not going to tell you about the twenty thousand things that WordAi can do, you can read about that here. What I will tell you is my opinion on whether it is worth buying WordAi or not.

Don’t buy these article spinners

Instead of wasting money on other spinners, which give a delicious pay once and get lifetimes updates option, buy WordAi. In other words, avoid Spinner Chief, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner or Chimp Rewriter.

Other spinners have so many options, buttons, tools and sections within them, that learning how to spin properly is itself a bloody struggle. By the time you can spin effectively, you realize that the rewritten content is close to nonsense. It all ends in tears.

WordAi promises the right stuff and delivers.

Damn this review is getting too long, and in danger of stuffing everything in the universe into it.

So, let’s sum up.

Look mister/missus internet marketer, WordAi makes you do a small bit of work but delivers the real stuff. So it gets a good from us.


$49.95 per month







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