Long Tail Pro is useless if you aren’t clued into keyword research


Do you do keyword research? I mean really do keyword research?

Keyword research is not about looking for keywords that are buyer keywords and which will be put in your posts so that you can rank your stuff. Keyword research is when you seriously analyse different keywords, check the competition on page 1 of Google, analyse each website there, figure out their backlinks profile etc etc.

Just finding a low keyword difficulty keyword is no longer enough. That was some time back. Also, low keyword difficulty is extremely hard to find for keywords with some enough search volume. And if you basically want keywords with low and high volumes and want to know their volumes, you are better off using the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere.

LongTailPro keyword research tool review

If you are actually into keyword research then by all means go in for Long Tail Pro. It is very cool, and gives you all the information needed to make a really good analysis of keywords and find new keywords too. I have been using Long Tail Pro for years now, and well when I really get all excited about doing keyword research I dive into it.

LongTailPro review truth

Don’t go in for Long Tail Pro if you aren’t seriously serious about keyword research. However, if getting your hands on one of the best tools to do keyword research is your current obsession. Then here is Long Tail Pro, go for it.

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