You don’t need Thrive Architect – in all probability!



At least that is what I think. As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I have made and abandoned hundreds of WordPress websites. Every time I got into the design parts of it, the website wasn’t a great success. What really matters is the content, the keyword research, the marketing and the backlinks. The design is important to the extent that it should look good. That is all you really need.

Thrive Architect is no doubt the best tool for designing your WordPress website. There is absolutely no doubt about it, as I have used almost all, and Thrive is the best. However after having used them all, I feel I wasted a lot of time doing design related stuff, that I could have used instead to actually grow my income.

Having said all of that, if you still want to get into full control design mode, go check out Thrive Architect. It’s an unnecessary expense, but it will make you feel quite good, and in full design control.

So, for the sake of getting the ‘I have to make a killer looking website’ bug out of your system, go ahead and buy Thrive Architect, learn it for a few months and then use it for a year or so, and then discover that all you need is an effective good looking WordPress theme that does not require too much design intervention (which is what I do now, and these are my favourite 3).

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